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We accept Guest Bloggers and article contributions from them. When you are Writing for 10 Appliances, you have to write reviews for the Appliances to help people make the right choice. With your own writing style you can review the products precisely what the product is about.

Before That Here Are Some Of The Guidelines You Have To Follow:

As of now 10 Appliances we have reviewed about some appliances like Vegetable Steamer, portable Ice maker, Stick Vacuum, Indoor Grills, Steam Mop, Space Heater and Zero Gravity Chair.

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What Topic Your Articles Is About?

Guest post related to home, Kitchen and appliances. Also the products that come under that category is accepted in our Website.

Guidelines For Submitting

  • Minimum 800 – 2000 words is needed for publishing it in our site.
  • Choose the Heading and the subheadings that will suit the topic mentioned in the website.
  • Topics related to appliances and better guiding will be a good contribution.
  • Content should be fully related to the product with 1 Link in the article.
  • Should be simple and easy understandable.
  • Copied Contents from other sites are strictly rejected which would be harmful for our website.
  • We don’t permit to submit the same content anywhere when you have already sent to us.
  • When the articles are not of expected quality we don’t publish them.
  • By following the Guidelines please submit your articles.

Final Note

  1. Read the Guidelines and then send us your articles.
  2. Plagiarism is not encouraged and your article will be rejected if it’s copied.
  3. Decision about publishing is decided by the owner of the site.
  4. When you submit your article the publishing in site takes time.

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