This Policy applies to Customer Information that we collect at 10 Appliances.

10 Appliances Highly respect and cares about your privacy. Any Information or feedback that is provided to us is Highly Confidential. We obtain certain type of information and store it for enhancing our service. We use “Cookies’ like most of the websites and working to protect the security of the information that we have.

Accountable Compliance:

We Obtain Information to provide satisfied, good Shopping Experience. We manage your personal information and other data properly to sustain trust. Sensitive Information like passwords, personal address, mobile number and other data are kept Confidential. Our Marketing campaigns and Website Analytics also stores information about your queries and feedbacks for improvisation.

Why do we Use Cookies?

Cookies help us to advertise certain products that you need the most by obtaining your personal choice. Cookies are completely safe and Secure. Accepting Cookies Policy is not mandatory. But by not enabling Cookies certain services that we provide will not be visible to you. Cookies helps to track Customers preferences and provide service based on that.

Mail Subscriptions

The Initial step which pops up whenever you visit a website for the first time. Mail Subscription options would be included soon to get frequent updates about the products and offers that are provided through the mail.

Protecting your Personal Information:

Cyber Activities are always threatening because of increasing Cyber attacks these days. To escape from all malicious cyber activities, we suggest you sign up with a Strong Password. Your information protected during the transmission across the internet. Data is always encrypted and then only transmitted. Personal Information safeguarded and your Information is not Disclosed anywhere.