Best Space Heater Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Space Heater works to provide heat when the temperature goes down. It offers warm air to the surroundings and helps to make it rise. Many users have central heating which can deal more value and can’t be in the budget of maximum. While dealing with the issue, we have searched many hours to provide you the best space heater and make you know about the space heater review under every product. Before selecting any energy-efficient space heater, you should take care of the power of the mini space heater, buyer’s budget, electric consumption and features of the energy-efficient space heater. 

Our Experts Have Made Different Comparisons And Bought You The Best Space Heater 

Our Experts Pick

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

While considering our expert’s opinion, you can buy ‘Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater’ which is the best space heater in terms of providing appropriate heat and anyone can afford this mini space Portable heater which is compact.

Value Of  Money

Utopia Home Ceramic Space Heater

Utopia Home Ceramic Space Heater

In search of the amount of money, we recommend you to buy ‘Utopia Home Ceramic Space Heater – 750W / 1500W Power Setting’ which can give you all the specific features available in the best space heater and you can also get it in your budget.

Premium Product

Lasko Designer Series Space Heater

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

After reviewing premium products, we have picked ‘Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater’ because it has all the qualities which premium products have. You can easily buy it on Amazon and deliver it to your home rapidly.

Best Space Heater Reviews


To find the best space heater, one should know all types of products which are available in the store and what they have standard and different functions. After reviewing several products, we have bought the top 10 products which you can buy from Amazon and get the best of what you are expecting. The amount of heat produced by a small space heater is responsible for the room area whether it can heat it up or not. To get proper heat to your room, you should buy a powerful small space heater which can quickly raise the temperature of your room and keep you the warm whole of the winters.

Below we have listed the top 10 space heaters which can be worth buying and you can know more about space heater under every product.

Best Space Heaters Reviews

SL.NOProduct NamePrice
1Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater
2PELONIS PLN978-B Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater
3Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater
4Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater
5Space Heater, Portable Electric Ceramic Heaters
6Soulcker Space Heater, Portable Heater with 750W/1500W Power
7Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater
8Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater for Powerful Personal
9Utopia Home Ceramic Space Heater
10Brightown 750W/1500W ETL Listed Quiet Ceramic Space Heater

1. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater is one of the best heaters which contain three different settings of adjusting the heat from low to high and has fan which spread warm and make the temperature rise. It also gives you the function of thermostat adjustment and can be an excellent space heater for the small areas. You can easily adjust the heat of the thermostat up to 1500 watt and can change according to the 11 adjustable temperature functions.

This space heater can be quickly moved from one place to another with the handle and convenient to carry it from one room to another. The size of the space heater is less and can quickly shift to the kitchen to the bedroom. While making this space heater, several safety measures have been keeping in mind which helps in reducing the overheating of the quiet space heater on extreme use.

You can make the body of the heater cool with the cool touch exterior feature and maintain the temperature of the mini space heater quickly. Moreover, you can get instant heat with the help of a fan provided in the heater which spreads the warm weather to the room.

Now, let’s have a close look at the specifications, features, pros, and cons of the small space heater listed below :

Key Features

  • Temperature adjustment functions.
  • Consists of heat transfer fan.
  • Safety feature.


  • This small space heater has the dimensions of 7.5*6.7*10 inches.
  • It consists of a total weight of 3.5 pounds.
  • Lasko has manufactured it.


  • Temperature can be raised to 1500 watt.
  • 11 different temperature adjustments.
  • Quick heat delivery with the help of a fan.


  • Only for a small area.
  • Small in size.

2. PELONIS PLN978-B Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater, Black

PELONIS PLN978-B Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater

If you are thinking to buy this energy-efficient space heater, then it can give you multiple choices of heating and can produce a maximum of 1500 w heat which you can adjust in mid of 900 w or even low temperature of 600 w. It is a versatile ceramic space heater that can be changed easily in any area whether you want to use it in a drawing room or kitchen. You can also experience an LED display provided in a ceramic space heater and can operate it with easy buttons provided in the radiator space heater.

In the winters, you can adjust the temperature with the help of a remote control feature without moving from your bed and relax anytime. The bottom of the energy-efficient space heater consists of caster wheels which can help in carrying it easily from one room to another and you can use it anywhere you want in the home. At the time of providing heat, it doesn’t produce any sound, and you can use it without any disturbance while sleeping or doing any activity.

The gas space heater also has a power-saving technique that can produce heat while consuming less energy. You can reduce your bill while using this energy-efficient space heater and can save it for the future. If you are worried about the efficient space heater whether it can be defected or didn’t work in the future, then you can replace it easily with the one year of the warranty period.

Check out more features, specifications, pros, and cons of space heater reviews provided below.

Key Features

  • Remote control facility.
  • Timer functions adjusted for 24 hours.
  • Consists of Caster Wheels.


  • The radiator space cleaner comes with the dimensions of 26.1*15.4*6.4 inches.
  • The weighs of the radiator space heater is 19.45 pounds.
  • PELONIS manufactured this mini space heater.


  • Temperature adjustment from lower to high.
  • Remote control feature with a 24-hour timer.
  • It consists of an LED Display.


  • For a specific area.
  • It cannot be available quickly.

3. Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

Comfort zone Oscillating energy-efficient Space Heater is a fast heating small space heater that can heat efficiently and provides warm air to the room. It works in rotation and covers all the areas of the room. This ceramic space heater contains ETL CERTIFICATION along with the overheat sensor for the protection. The company has added thermostat which helps in maintaining the overheating of the energy-efficient space heater and makes it off after the continuous running of 8 hours.

The users can adjust the temperature of the space heater and make the room temperature comfortable according to the need. You can run the mini space heater for long hours, and Eco energy-saving mode can help you in saving the amount that you have to pay for the electricity bill. This electric space heater is a lightweight personal space heater that can be easy to handle and carry with one place to another. You can hold this efficient space heater for long-distance and can use it anywhere you want.

It has a unique feature to switch off the power from the best space heater when it used for more than 8 hours. It also has a fan which transfers heat to all the area of the room. You can also use this personal space heater to the large surface and can manage temperature manually.

To know more about this mini space heater reviews, you have to read about key features, specifications pros, and cons gave below :

Key Features

  • This natural gas space heater has ETL Certification.
  • It has auto power cut mode after 8 hours.
  • It has a lightweight and carried easily.


  • It has the dimensions of 25.1*9.5*8.8 inches.
  • It consists of 7.05 pounds in weight.
  • Comfort Zone manufactured it.


  • It can transfer heat to a large area.
  • Power-efficient.
  • Auto power cut mode.


  • It can work only for fewer periods in continuity.
  • Price is more but affordable.

4. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater has a stylish body and has a ceramic heating element. It can adjust the temperature in three different modes which can be adjustable when the temperature is freezing. You can change the heat of the ceramic space heater till 1500 watt which is more and can provide maximum heat which can quickly warm up any room within a few minutes. It contains thermostat which can be adjusted according to the need and can change the temperature from 60 degrees F to 85 degrees F.

It has the latest adjust feature which allows users to change the time of the heater when you want to cut the power supply. You can stop in between 1 to 7 hours, and the item will stop working automatically. After using for long hours, the electric space heater starts producing heat which can damage it from inside. This efficient space heater can allow you to use it for a longer duration and all the overheating can be adjusted by it automatically.

One of the most useful features it has to remove the box of the heater so it can be plugged and used while placing it on the wall. It automatically adjusts the thermostat, and you can use this efficient space heater with the new look.

We have made a list of all the features and specification of space heater reviews which you can get below:

Key Features

  • Three unique modes.
  • Easy to stop power supply with time adjustment.
  • It can be controlled easily from the remote.


  • It comes with the dimensions of 8.2*8.2*16.1 inches.
  • It weighs 7.9 pounds.
  • Lasko Fans manufactured it.


  • Versatile space heater.
  • Easy to use with or without box.
  • It can adjust the temperature according to the need.


    • Not available for all the countries.
    • Not easy to understand its functions.

5. Space Heater, Portable Electric Ceramic Heaters for Office, 1000/1500W Oscillating Floor

Portable Electric Ceramic Heaters for Office

Space Heater, Portable Electric Ceramic Heaters are specially meant for office use. You can get a minimum of 1000 w power and maximum 1500 w from this personal space heater which is very powerful as compared to other ceramic space heaters of similar prices. It has a unique feature of natural wind mode which provides heat with 30 w powers and gives conventional heating for a small area. The most important thing about this space heater is to make the temperature adjustments according to your needs, and it will remain the same until you take any action.

It consists of PTC ceramic heating element which produced warm air safely. The switch of the ceramic space heater cuts automatically with the help of tip-over safety switch which helps in controlling temperature and stop power supply when it reaches the maximum. The heating process of the heater starts after two or three seconds of the plugin. It can be easy to pick anywhere whether you want to use this propane space heater on office, garage or any other place where you visit regularly.

After buying a ceramic Portable space heater, you will get a warranty of one year which allows you to replace the product anytime and get it solved. These products are long-lasting and can give you the same experience after using many years.

Now let’s have a close look at specifications pros, and cons, you can check all the portable space heater reviews points below under their heads :

Key Features

  • Portable Space heater for various purposes.
  • Warranty of one year.
  • It includes the PTC Ceramic heating element.


  • It comes with the dimensions of 6.3*5.3*9.4 inches.
  • It weighs 3 pounds.
  • MetroTech manufactured it.


  • A safe product for indoor usage.
  • It can be carried easily.
  • Control temperature manually.


  • Rare product to buy.
  • Small in size.

6. Soulcker Space Heater, Portable Heater with 750W/1500W Power

Soulcker Best space heater is a great deal to buy which includes two types of heating modes and includes fan mode as well. This best space heater can be placed easily on a table, wall or ground. The maximum heat produce by the space heater is about 1500 w and the lowest 750 w. It also has a PTC Ceramic and Quick heating feature which provides quick heat to the small area within a few seconds of plugging in.

You can use this best space heater for more hours and can serve you for several years. It cannot be used in the area where water work has been done like bathrooms and make it away from the room which has a tremendous amount of humidity. People are demanding more auto power-off feature which is available in this portable space heater which allows you to turn off heater anytime you want.

For placing it to a different area, you can use comfortable handles that are given to the product to carry it for short as well long distance. It can be easily clean after using and did not require performing more action. This best space heater can give you a total warranty of 18 months, and you can contact their customer service 24*7 anytime.

Check out best smokeless indoor grill points below:

Key Features

  • The material used in the product is flame resistant.
  • It can protect from overheating.
  • It allows adjusting cover and dusting filters easily.


  • It comes with the dimensions of 6.5*4.2*11.2 inches.
  • It contains a weight of 2.4 pounds.
  • Soulcker manufactured it.


  • It can cover a long room surface.
  • It can transmit heat without overheating.
  • It allows adjusting the timer for power off.


  • It cannot be used in the bathroom.
  • It cannot be available quickly.

7. Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater

Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater

Pro Breeze space heater is a versatile product that has ceramic technology. The ceramic technology provides faster heating and makes the surrounding warn within a short period. It has an adjustable thermostat that works for making control over the temperature and gives you the required heat which you have adjusted in the temperature setting. The advanced safety of the product is provided by the company which has a proper guide to using the product safely.

After searching for various products, we have selected this one because it has an anti-tip-over the function which checks the heater and alert in the unsafe situation. Its portability can help users to use this best space heater in their home, office, garages and any other place. You can use three different operating modes that are provided in this product and can adjust the temperature from 750 w to 1500 w.

The inbuilt thermostat present in the product helps in changing the temperature and gives you proper heat when you switch the power. Moreover, you can also get tip-over protection while using this product. It allows you to overcome the overheating and makes the element cool down to make the temperature reasonable.

We have provided key features, specifications, pros and cons of the product below which you can check them below :

Key Features

  • Overheat protection.
  • Temperature adjustment.
  • Consists of ceramic technology.


  • It comes with the dimensions of 7.1*5.8*9.7 inches.
  • It weighs 2.87 pounds.
  • Pro Breeze manufactured it.


  • Compatible for small areas.
  • User-friendly functions.


  • The fast heating feature overheats the product.
  • It is only for personal use.

8. Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater for Powerful Personal

Honeywell Uberheat Ceramic Heater

Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater is a sturdy product that supports ceramic technology. It can produce maximum heat of around 1500 w and can be readily available in modern designs. You can save a tremendous amount of power while using this product and requires less electricity when it switched to low power mode. It contains easy to use a feature which can be placed anywhere you want whether you want to keep it on the table or hang it on the wall, it can be adjusted easily.

Its two heat setting can give you high or low temperature when it switched to either side. You can use this product comfortably as it can be controlled with natural functions and doesn’t require more attention to use. Buying this product can give you a smart saving deal with the soothing warmth and warm up the room with low power frequently.

Every user wants a great product that can give them all the features and the price of the product can be affordable. Our team has found this portable space heater after reviewing it and comparing it with other similar heaters who pretends to be the best.

You can check critical features, specifications pros, and cons of the product provided below :

Key Features

  • Energy-saving product.
  • Suitable for extreme use as well.
  • Two different heating settings are given.


  • It has the dimensions of 8*5.8*9 inches.
  • It consists of 3.9 pounds in weight.
  • Helen of Troy manufactured this product.


  • Specially meant for home-usage.
  • It has more space in the dust carrying bag.


  • Only for specific countries.
  • You cannot adjust temperature into moderate.

9. Utopia Home Ceramic Space Heater – 750W / 1500W Power Setting

Utopia Home Ceramic Space Heater

Utopia Home Ceramic Best space heater is a two power heater that can provide a high temperature of 1500 watts and a low temperature of 750 pounds in a single item. It is similar to the other products and permits to adjust the thermostat of the heater. Many heaters refused to overheat protection and make the users at risk, but this product provides you proper safety of the overheating when you use it for long hours.

You can get a PTC heating element from this product which allows warm temperature along with safety. Any product which contains electricity can be overheated but managing it timely can be the best solution to get the product work long and to make your home safe from any electric disruption. You can use the power indicator light of the portable space heater and check the temperature whether it requires adjustment or not.

To make a long life of the heater, you have to take care of the safety measures to not to plug the portable space heater directly to the switch and use an extension cord to make a connection. You can also place the heater on the lower level or dry surface to make it away from the humidity area.

While using a heater for long hours, it can be heated up, and you have to be careful to remove connection when it goes overheating :

Key Features

  • It consists of a PTC heating element.
  • It provides safety against overheating.
  • It allows you to adjust the temperature manually.


  • It has the dimensions of 11.2*8.3*6.4 inches.
  • It consists of a product weight of 3.45 pounds.
  • Utopia manufactured this product.


  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has the latest features.


  • You can change the temperature to high or low, not to medium.
  • Users are not fully satisfied.

10. Brightown 750W/1500W ETL Listed Quiet Ceramic Space Heater

Brightown 750w1500w Etl Listed Quiet Ceramic

Brightown ETL Listed Quiet Ceramic Space Heater is the latest product that contains new features. Usually, portable space heaters have two temperature settings, but this product has three settings to change temperature into low 750 w, to high 1500 w and to cool temperature with a fan. It can give you a tremendous amount of heat as it has a radiant heat element that is suitable for the small surface and provides heating for a long duration. You can adjust the thermostat and make the temperature which can be ideal for your room.

These products are not meant to use in wet places or the room which has more humidity. Many users don’t take it seriously and lost their product to work for more years. You have to understand that these products are compatible only for use in dry places like bedrooms, offices, garage but cannot be allowed to use them in the bathroom or any other dry place.

The safety features are required followed while using a space heater to get the sound working process of the product. You can also get a warranty of one year from the product and can be easily replaced it any defect occurs during the warranty period.

If you are interested to know about the key features, specifications pros, and cons of the product, you can read then all below:

Key Features

  • It has listed with ETL.
  • It consists of a safe ceramic element.
  • It has overheated protection.


  • It has the dimensions of 11.3*8.5*6.7 inches.
  • It consists of 2.5 pounds of weight.
  • Brightown has manufactured it.


  • It can be used for the long surface.
  • It has one year of warranty.
  • It provides a temperature adjustment setting.


  • It is not available for different countries.
  • It cannot be used in an extended area.


Space Heater Buyer’s Guide

What is Space Heater?

  • The quiet space heater is a powerful device that can provide warm air to the room where it placed. You can change the cold room condition into warm with the help of radiant Space Heater and can move it where you want to keep. Most of the people are using electric Space heater instead of using it with natural gas, fuel or propane.
  • The quiet space heater never produces any noise or pollution when used and keeps the room surface warm for long hours. It can be maintained easily anywhere in the house as it can be of lightweight and can carry easily. You can also manage time and stop power supply anytime with the timer present inside it.

Which Kind Of Space Heater Is The Most Energy-Efficient?

  • The thing which goes naturally is best for you. If talking about radiant Space heater then you can use petroleum or oil heater which can give you natural heat instead of an electric radiant space heater. The reason to select the natural usage heater is that all the things required in natural radiant space heater produce heat while electric heater doesn’t generate heat it converts electrical energy into heat which is not good for human beings.
  • To use an electric heater, you can select any propane space heater which we have provided on our list and can make a worth deal with more functions and fewer prices. It can be readily available and can use for a longer duration with more features. You can stop the energy supply automatically and can set timer into the product with a single remote.

How To Use Space Heater Safely?

There are several measures which have been provided by our experts to kept in mind before using the product. Many users don’t take it seriously, and miss-happening occurs to their place. To use space heater safely, you have to keep these points in mind before taking any action.

  • The first thing you have to do is select the best space heater for you which can be suitable for use inside the home.
  • Check out all the functions one by one and keep in mind all the safety features mentioned in the products guideline.
  • Many space heaters have problems with overheating, and it can clear while selecting the best space heater which can manage it automatically or can reduce the usage of the product.
  • Don’t keep it plugged in all the time and connect when you are using it.
  • The most important thing is to save children’s away from the item and never allow them to play where the best space heater is using.

Which Type Of Space Heater Is Best In Terms Of Performance?

  • Generally, there are three types of heaters that are available in the market which you can use to warm up your room during winters. If you are considering price, then the product which is available above 30$ is the best and after you have to check their functions to get the best from them. The radiant heaters are the best in performance for providing quick heat within a few minutes. We can’t say it best, but it can be faster as compared to the other natural gas best space heater.
  • Moreover, if you want to buy the natural gas best space heater for heating a room properly, the electric best space heater is the best which can give you heat according to the temperature managed by you and can make you warm in the whole of the day and cold night. You have to select the only electric space heater which can provide heat of 600 Watt and a maximum 1500 watt. The temperature depends upon the wattage, and you can get more heat while selecting the item of more watts.

How Do You Clean A Space Heater?

  • It is a straightforward process that can help you in cleaning the best space heater easily. This process requires air duster which can be used to remove the entire dust off the radiator. You have to make the heater cool before cleaning so it cannot do you any harm. The process can be used while cleaning it with the box or while removing it. This process requires airing the interior part of the heater which can help in removing the dry dust from it and make it clean from unnecessary dirt.
  • Later, you have to clean the vents of the electric space heater after removing the cover with the help of air. This process also requires cleaning of slats from the heater to make it completely clean with the air nozzle. After airing the electric space heater, check it properly whether any dust particle left in the gas best space heater and remove it while providing more air into it. It is a straightforward process that can be done quickly by a home without hiring any person to clean it.

What Is A Ceramic Space Heater? And It’s Advantages?

Ceramic Space heater has a ceramic plate which consists of the aluminum baffle and helps in producing heat with the help of ceramic coils. After heat generated by the ceramic heater, an electric fan is used to spread out the heat to the entire room. There are numerous advantages of ceramic space heater which are available and considered to be the best as compared to traditional heaters.

  • The ceramic space heater is a portable heater that can be easily adjusted from one place to another and considered to be the best from all the other compact heaters.
  • It can be easily placed to warm up a large area that can produce more heat and radiant heaters are suitable for a small distance and cannot make the room fully warm.
  • The heating point of the ceramic space heater is more and produces more heat while other radiant heaters generate less heat which cannot maintain a high temperature for a longer duration.
  • The cost of a ceramic space heater is less as compare to traditional and can be worth buying if you want it to place inside your room with adjusting features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Space Heaters Turn Off Automatically?
Space heaters are now available with a timer which allows the users to turn it off automatically whenever you want to switch the power off. The user has to adjust the time of the heater whether it should stop within one hour or as maximum as available for the space heater varies from the companies.

Can You Put A Space Heater On A Table?
Yes, you can adjust the space heater on a table after removing it from the box. Generally, space heater comes with a box that gives full protection and can remove if you want to adjust it directly on the table or wall.

Is It Safe To Use A Space Heater In A Garage?
Of course! You can use an efficient space heater on the garage as it cannot do any damage and work within the temperature adjusted by the user. You can make the temperature as lower and as high as you want and can be used in the garage easily.

Are Space Heaters Safe To Leave On Overnight?
  • You can use space heater safely overnight as it consists of auto to adjust the temperature and avoid the overheating whole of the night.
  • A space heater is now available with the power cut option and provides a power stoppage after 8-10 hours whenever you want to stop it.

How Do I Choose A Space Heater With Consideration Of Critical Elements?

  • Space heaters are the best and safer way to maintain room temperature from low to high. The amount of heat produced by the heater varies from the size and the power which can range from one product to another according to its capability. You can use a space heater on an average price if you want it to clean a large room or small and get warm during winters.
  • Most of the users are confused about which radiant space heater is convenient for them, and they are not getting the appropriate option to buy a radiant space heater according to their needs and requirements. Clearing them out, we have mentioned the best space heaters in our natural gas space heater reviews which can help you to select the best space heater for you and get the convenient natural gas space heater t which can be helpful and good for your place.
  • At the time of buying a portable space heater, several questions come to the mind which makes the buyers confuse to buy which propane space heater and to the left which one. For making it out, we have created a list considering all these questions which a user is having before buying a portable space heater.

What type of heater to prefer?

The first and the most occurring question in mind is which heater is to select based on our requirements. Maybe you are confused about whether to choose a radiant heater, convection heater or fan-forced heater to get the best space heater.

  • If you buy a convection heater, then it can provide heating for a small area and cannot be suitable for warming room temperature.
  • The radiant heater is best for delivering heat rapidly but can be ideal for small areas.
  • Fan Forced Heater is good for the large area and can provide an appropriate amount of heat which a user needs.

What Is The Capacity Of The Heater?

  • The size of the heater is responsible for providing heat and can be good if you buy 1500 watt heater which can produce more energy and can cover a single room easily. It is good as it can be safer and can use for a longer duration.

What About Safety Features?

  • Before buying any space heater, you have to check about the safety features of the product whether they are providing safety or not. Many products are not having overheated control and cause trouble while using.
  • You can check all the safety features of the space heater before deciding to buy it.


Knowing the product before buying is a smarter way to get the best space heater at affordable costs. In the end, our experts have concluded to analyze and compare every space heater which suits your budget and select the best from them to get long term benefit from that product.